Rudderless In Toronto

Whether you call it The 6, TO, T-Dot or Hogtown, Toronto is a world-class city, sitting pretty on the world stage. But for me, all roads lead to and from Toronto. I was born here, raised here and it’s where I call home.

Rudderless In Toronto

Internationally Known.
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So as an international travel blogger with my Rudderless travel blog, I should be an authority on all things Toronto Travel, right? Well, I am an authority on most things Toronto but I’m constantly discovering new things; New restaurants, new events, new pockets and places, new festivals.

Toronto Graffiti: Faces

The Faces of Toronto A Photo-Journal Of Graffiti Along Queen St. Ever since I wrote that post about Toronto Graffiti and Street Art, more specifically Graffiti Alley my appreciation for Toronto Graffiti got much deeper. So when Fred from sent me a...

Thrill Of The Grill – Toronto’s East End Grill Off

The Thrill Of The Grill Warning: The following Thrill Of The Grill post contains subject matter that vegans and vegetarians may find offensive. Reader discretion is advised. 😉   Before I moved to the Entertainment District in Toronto's downtown core I...

The Best Portuguese Food Toronto Has To Offer

Portuguese Food. Toronto? Yes Please.  On a recent trip to Portugal, I stumbled across some pretty amazing people, was introduced to some beautiful architecture and learned some fascinating history. But what really impressed me was Portuguese food. Being...

The Little Car Race Track Toronto Loves: Honda Indy Toronto

Sponsored Post   The Car Race Track Toronto Boys Love: The funny thing is, not much changes as boys become men. In fact, boys love Hotwheels and real cars and men love real cars and still love Hotwheels. Hell, I even love the Cars movie. I...

Toronto Pride

Toronto Pride Let it all out and be free!   We all are aware of Pride Week in Toronto right? Well, it's been upgraded to Pride Month which basically runs for the month of June, ending with the infamous Toronto Pride parade. The purpose of...

The Best Toronto Bakery

For The Hottest Oven. The Freshest Toronto Bakery The best Toronto Bakery should serve up the freshest bread, cakes, and other sweet treats, as well delicious drinks that will hit the spot. As the most diverse and populated city in Canada, it’s no surprise...

Naturally, I’ll always be curious about this big beautiful planet but in order to understand and appreciate where I’m going, I need to know where I’m coming from. 

Hey, my name is Christopher and six years ago I bought a condo in Toronto’s downtown core. (The Entertainment District). Six years and 42 floors later the condo was completed and I moved in. Now that I’m settled I’m ready to discover every nook and cranny of this world-class city.

So, I created Rudderless in Toronto to highlight what’s happening in my own backyard the same way I would if I were in any other major city or town. This includes sharing thoughts and tips on local events, restaurants, attractions, hidden gems and more. I especially love local breweries, eateries, architecture, history, and lots more.

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Toronto is a world-class city…

and I got hometown advantage!

In addition to this blog, I happen to be a professional videographer and photographer so I created a video series called In My Own Backyard, on my be Rudderless vlog/YouTube channel. In My Own Backyard focuses’ exclusively on Toronto travel as well as the province of Ontario and Canada as a whole.

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