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The Car Race Track Toronto Boys Love:

The funny thing is, not much changes as boys become men.

Honda Indy Toronto

In fact, boys love Hotwheels and real cars and men love real cars and still love Hotwheels. Hell, I even love the Cars movie. I love exotic cars, old cars, muscle cars, Asian cars, The Fast & The Furious, Indy Racing, Indy Honda, the list goes on! I fondly remember when the Gumball 3000 Toronto 2012 came revving into and tearing up the streets of Yorkville

What about the ladies?

Now, it’s not to say that the girls and the women don’t enjoy cars, The Honda Indy Toronto has a huge female following. Besides, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this but there is nothing sexier than a female driver behind the wheel of a car with hundreds of horses!

So…when my media application allowing me to go behind the scenes at the Honda Indy Toronto got approved…oh boy, I was over the moon!!!

The Honda Indy Toronto is simply an unforgettable moment that runs every year from Friday to Sunday around July 15. The loud car race track winds and snakes through Toronto’s Exhibition Place. It is filled with lots of action, loud revving engines and tires squealing at the track for curious Canadians and die-hard fans.

The Car Race Track Toronto Loves – Race Cars and Races

One of the featured races is the one-hundred racing stars that are interested in making the Mazda Road to Indy a reality. The series will also consist of 3 races such as Indy Lights that are presented by the Cooper Tires, Pro Mazda Championship, and the Cooper Tires USF 2000 Championship.


Because the car race track Toronto loves is already at Exhibition Place Toronto loves, the venue is perfect for hosting, selling and displaying anything and everything to do with cars.   From the inner track to the Exhibitions main Pavilion you will find an interactive and huge fan area that features games, activities, vehicle displays and more. There is something for everyone, whether it’s the kids or the kid in you.

Food & Drink

No doubt while, at the Honda Indy Toronto, the focus will be entirely on racing but it doesn’t mean that fans need to go hungry. The Honda Indy brings some of Toronto’s finest food trucks offering up some of Toronto favorite classics, diverse menus, and new twists. Everything from one of our national dishes poutine to hamburgers hotdogs, and pizza plus all the craft beer, sweets and treats you can handle.

The Car Race Track Toronto Loves – On-Track Action

The Honda Fan Friday will emphasize a schedule that is filled with on-track action. The winners of the IndyCar Series will qualify for the race on Saturday. There will be autograph sessions, contests, stunt shows and off-track entertainment in complete gear from the very beginning until the end.

The impressive thing is that you will have the opportunity to run into drivers so keep your cameras at the ready.


When you’ve filled your belly with poutine and washed it down with some delicious local craft beer you make you make your way backtrack side to watch more of the qualifying races.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!!

As a car lover, The Honda Indy was an absolutely incredible and fun experience. It’s perfect for children of all ages and a great experience for families, friends, and fans. Nothing beats the rush of speeding cars zipping by at 100’s of miles per hour. All your senses come alive with spectacular accidents, burning rubber, and revving engines. All this was made that much better by getting a chance to be a part of the media team. I couldn’t be any closer to the action.

car race track toronto

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